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     STEM:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  STEM is an increasingly important part of the educational experience because many careers are in STEM.

These include:

  • Engineers
  • Hydrologists
  • Physicists
  • Scientists
  • Social Science Assistants
Additionally, jobs you don’t think of as requiring STEM knowledge, now require it.  Working in a manufacturing plant with the latest computer directed machines requires STEM knowledge.   Robbinsdale Area Schools is implementing STEM education in all schools, and even opened the School of Engineering and Arts in 2012.  

The Seven Dreams Education Foundation has raised resources for STEM equipment that school staff have identified as high need, yet the schools resources are insufficient.  Through dollars raised through SDEF events, including the funds raised through the Bird Bash Signature Event, $52,000 was designated to Plymouth and Robbinsdale Middle Schools.  STEM equipment purchased includes Vernier Probes (watch this link to a video to see them used by RMS students in the classroom), 3-D printers, and more.

The funds raised during the second annual Bird Bash were designated for the Engineering is Elementary curriculum for all 4th graders throughout the district.  This programming will roll out during the 2015-2016 school year.

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